Screen Self Scripting

Off-site all-day screening of video art @ Ofr, 3, rue Dubois, 75003 Paris

Hannah Quinlan Anderson & Rosie Hastings / Nelson Bourrec Carter / Kenny Dunkan / Georges Jacotey / Samuel Kenswil / Jala Wahid

Speaking about his Screen Test series Andy Warhol remarked of his fascination for factory associates who could “turn on” and “be their own script”. It was as though Warhol was anticipating the intense self-scripting demanded by today’s neoliberal economy. He saw how the subject would be tested and stretched – both physically and psychologically – and expected to acquire a new set of skills for each interview or engagement. In the present series of videos, made by artists based in London, LA, Athens and Paris, self-scripting is examined by the queer subject. The paradigm – our spectacle society – still exacts specific demands vis-à-vis our own subjectivity and the images that we are exposed to – this in turn has co-opted a certain “gay” subject that is politically disengaged or neutral. If Freud was correct when he said that the ego is a kind of image, then it is possible to assume that it acts as a screen onto which we project certain identities and idealizations. Many of the videos presented here examine this through two different modes – and often conflate them. The first, image as commodity, and the second, image as celebrity. Some are purely concerned with the kind of subjectivity that was performed by Warhol’s subjects. Above all, the videos act to deconstruct and interrogate certain received notions we have as subjects vis-à-vis the screen.

Image: Hannah Quinlan Anderson & Rosie Hastings, Becoming Natural, 2015 Video Still