Adam Fearon
3.10 - 15.10.2015

Vernissage Saturday 3rd, October

Adam Fearon’s practice addresses shifting subjectivities as they are experienced in the contemporary world: the processes involved in these subject-formations, whether it’s queerness, gender, nationality, class etc., are brought to the fore by work that seeks to do away with a conventional subject-position. The materiality of objects and their surfaces therefore takes precedence in sculptural work that attempts to conceptualise the real beyond thought and language.

For his show at Room E-10 27 the artist makes the screen the central occupation of this endeavour. The work consists of a photographic-video work made especially for the Kindle’s eInk screen. This ‘film’ is then documented by HD camera and shown in portrait format on two MacBook Airs turned on their side as an intended détournement, rendering them sculptural in the process. In this way the work is doubly framed: the content is nestled inside the kindle (Amazon) and inside the Mac Book Air (Apple), thereby foregrounding their function as apparatuses (dispositifs).

The second element of the show presents a series of soft silicon boxes (moulded from banal storage boxes that not only refer to photographic processing, but are also a key element of the film and appear in the real space as soft formless ghosts of the original. They are thus clear, empty and devoid of any content and rendered unusable. Conversely, the content is revealed in the film.

The show’s title p13n, refers to personalization and the name Amazon gave to its groundbreaking algorithm (p – 13 letters – n). It is used by the artist to question the gap between lived experience and subject positions, to the gap between information and knowledge.

The exhibition is one element of a larger project, which includes the release of an ebook Gyricon (which previewed at the NY Art Book fair last month and will be launched officially by Broken Dimanche Press in October in Berlin). Gyricon means ‘turning light’ in Greek and is the name first given to a prototype of eInk technology developed by Nicholas Sheridon at Xerox’s Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) during the 1970s.

Adam lives and works in Berlin. He was born in Dublin where he studied fine art at NCAD. He went on to study at Frankfurt’s Städelschule under the tutelage of Simon Starling and Peter Fischli. He has exhibited widely, his work featured in shows at NR Projects, Berlin; Temple Bar Gallery, Dublin and the Museum für Moderne Kunst, Frankfurt.

All images: Adam Fearon, p13n, 2015

Photos: Quinten Dubret