Jala Wahid
Bitter Pith
21.05 - 15.06.2015

‘She would feel not a soft sweetness in her nerves, but lime juice stinging them, her body like wood near fire, warped, crackling, dry.’

‘It was like this: she was starving but not for food, it was a kind of painful taste that rose from the pit of her stomach and made her nipples quiver and her arms empty without an embrace.’ - Clarice Lispector

Jala Wahid is an artist and writer based in London. She graduated in 2014 with a BA in Fine Art from Goldmiths College and is co-founder of SALT. magazine. Previous exhibitions include Gentle Triggers at Artyčok; Soft Ache at Tank TV, London; and Cacophony of Things at Temporary Gallery, Cologne.


Bitter Pith will be accompanied by a publication featuring writing from Jala Wahid and Thea Smith.

Photos: Quentin Dubret